How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved in the SheffGives campaign, whoever you are and whatever you feel able to give.

  • you may be able to give your time, by volunteering with a local charity
  • you may be able to donate old clothes to a homeless project
  • you may wish to start a fundraising campaign at college to support a local charity
  • or you could set up a food bank collection point at the office

You may feel unable to give time or resources at present, but you can still get involved in the campaign by carrying out random acts of kindness and being the reason that somebody smiles.

  • make somebody’s day by letting them go in front of you at the checkout
  • help somebody carry a heavy pram up the stairs at the station
  • or simply smile and say hello to somebody in the street

The SheffGives campaign is focused around weekly pledges which we will encourage you to sign up to via social media, joining in on our hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: #payitforward #givealittle #bethesmile

Each week of the campaign we will initiate a new pledge, such as, this week I will:

  • Pay for the drink of the person behind me in the queue at the coffee shop, or pay for some ‘pending coffee
  • Donate any old coats, hats and gloves to my local charity shop
  • Check on my neighbour and perhaps take a cake I’ve baked to cheer them up
  • Give blood at my local bloodbank

By joining in with our simple weekly pledges, you will be joining the city of Sheffield in giving a little, to benefit the whole community.

We’d love to hear from you, via social media, about how you are volunteering, giving and paying it forward – feel free to make up your own pledges, share them with us, and get involved in the campaign!

Tweet us here.

Tag us on Instagram here.

Or post to Facebook here.


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Inspired to volunteer? Check out our list of some of the volunteering organisations that exist in the city, and see if any of them might be a good fit for you.





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