#bethesmile pebbles

For the young (and young at heart) residents of the city, we will be hiding lots of painted pebbles, decorated with huge smiles for you to discover.

  • If you find one of our pebbles, ask your parent or carer to take a picture of the pebble, perhaps with you in it too, and tag our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page into the picture.
  • We will share the image as part of our campaign to encourage generosity of thought and action across the city.
  • After you’ve taken a picture of the pebble, share the enjoyment and pay it forward, by hiding the pebble in a new spot and leaving it for another person to find. It’s like a smile treasure hunt!
  • The majority of our pebbles are hidden in the Hunters Bar/Ecclesall Road area for now, but if you find one, please do hide it again in another area of the city (or the country) to spread the smiles far and wide.
  • I wonder how far one of our pebbles can travel?






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