What is SheffGives?

SheffGives is an altruistic movement, set up to encourage generosity of thought and action in Sheffield.  We aim to inspire people to volunteer, donate and pay it forward. The movement is not linked to any religious organisation; indeed it seeks to bring people together regardless of their faith, or lack of, to do what we can, when we can, to support others in our community.

The aims of our campaign are best summed up using our hashtags:

#payitforward – The idea of paying it forward is that when somebody does a good deed for you, instead of repaying them with a kind thought or action, you pass on the good deed to another person, spreading the good feeling ever onwards. Examples include;

  • paying for the meal or drink of the person behind you in the queue in a cafe;
  • washing your neighbours’ car;
  • being a mentor for somebody who needs support.

Simple acts of generosity which enhance community spirit and make our city an even friendlier and more welcoming place to live or visit.

#givealittle – SheffGives aims to encourage the people of Sheffield to give a little, if they are able, to support people in the city who may need their help.

  • You may be able to give your time, by volunteering at a charity shop, for example.
  • Or perhaps you can give resources; food to your local food bank; old towels to an animal shelter; cash to support a cause close to your heart.
  • You may be able to give your knowledge and share your experience, passing on skills you’ve honed over the years to people who could benefit – reading to children at your local school, mentoring college leavers who are interested in working in your industry in the future, or helping a senior person get to grips with their emails. It all counts!

#bethesmile – Perhaps you are not in a position to give just now, but that doesn’t mean that SheffGives isn’t for you.  Carrying out simple acts of kindness which cost nothing and take little time, mean that you can be the person responsible for making somebody smile, and making their day in the process.

  • Sending a positive text message to a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while takes seconds, but could have a huge positive impact on them.
  • Offering to babysit for friends who haven’t been out for a while is the ultimate way to brighten up anybody’s day,
  • or why not simply smile and say ‘hello’ to people as you pass them in the street.

SheffGives is full of great ideas and motivation for you to be the reason behind somebody’s smile!

Wondering how you can get involved in the campaign? If you are interested in volunteering, check out our list of volunteering organisations that exist in the city.


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