How socks are tackling homelessness

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At SheffGives, we just heard of a brand new fundraising initiative which has been set up in the city, called Pair Your Socks.  We spoke to James, the brains behind the very recently launched scheme, to hear what he had to say about his fabulous initiative, which is supporting homeless and vulnerable residents of the city.

SheffGives: Pair Your Socks has just launched in the city – where did the idea come from?

James: The idea of wanting to do something to help homeless people was a conversation that I originally started with my career coach back in May 2017. We came up with an action plan, broken down into some smaller tasks; the first of which was to look into doing some voluntary work with a homeless charity. After a few enquiries, I discovered that most voluntary roles took place during the working week; a bit of a showstopper as I work full-time. Anyway, the idea got put to one side for a while, until the concept of ‘pair your socks’ popped into my head sometime in August.

SG: For those who have not heard about the scheme, how does it work?

J: Rather simply, for every pair of socks you buy from our website, an identical pair and £1 gets donated to Sheffield homeless charity, the Cathedral Archer Project.

*See this rather clever GIF for a run down of the process!


SG: How are socks helping to support some of the city’s most vulnerable residents?

J: It’s a really basic and practical need that we’re meeting by providing homeless people with socks. They’re one of the most requested items of clothing by homeless people, but are rarely donated. Here’s what the Cathedral Archer Project said:

“Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference; dry clean socks on cold, wet, tired feet; a hot cup of tea or coffee; someone to talk to – The Cathedral Archer Project believes life should be enjoyable and fulfilling; homelessness isn’t.  If we get the simple things right, we can then support people to make changes.”

We also give £1 with every pair, to help fund the ongoing work that the Archer Project does to support homeless people.

SG: What are your future plans for the scheme – are you hoping to expand to support other projects in the city?

J: No future plans yet (we launched less than a week ago) but I’m excited to see how the project might grow and develop over time. It could become a big thing all about socks, or a bigger thing where socks become just one element of a larger project. Time will tell!

SG: How can SheffGives’ followers get involved and lend their support to your scheme?

J: Visit our website and buy a pair of socks, easy!

paired socks 4

SG: And finally, do you have a favourite pair of socks?

J: The thicker the better at the moment!

*We’re right there with you on that one, James, and will be stocking up on your socks for the perfect gift this Christmas!

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