Our alternative Christmas gift guide

We love Christmas at SheffGives, but if there’s one thing that we say every year, it’s “let’s not buy so much stuff this year”.

If you are the same; drowning under kids toys, books and games, with a bathroom cabinet stuffed full of novelty soap and shower gel sets, and a wardrobe overflowing with itchy jumpers knitted by well meaning Aunts, how about trying some of the ideas in our alternative gift guide this year?

They all make great, thoughtful (easy to buy the night before the Christmas do) Secret Santa gifts too. Come on, who really needs another pair of novelty flashing sunglasses?

Instead of buying more stuff for people that they probably don’t need and may not want, why not buy something for someone is desperate need, in lieu of a present?

For football loving families, how about 3 footballs for children in refugee camps, via Unicef here

Or for children who love to write and draw, you could choose 400 pencils for kids who share the same passions here


Green fingered families may wish to buy seeds via Oxfam  to enable families to grow their own food to feed their family.

To support and empower girls to claim their civil rights, Oxfam have a Super Girl gift, which looks amazing!


For younger children who know how special their favourite cuddly toy is, with Save the Children you can enable less fortunate kids to enjoy having that special toy too.


Animal lovers could adopt a whole menagerie of animals – personal favourite the Orang-Utan


You could help tackle homelessness with socks!


Or simply because everyone deserves a Christmas dinner, buy somebody one


There’s so many charitable Christmas gift options out there – something for everyone and every budget. Join with SheffGives this Christmas in making one of your presents a charitable one.

Let’s #givealittle #payitforward and #bethesmile this Christmas.

SheffGives 2017


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