94 challenges to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research


In terms of honouring a loved one’s memory, undertaking 94 events to raise funds for charity is a pretty epic way to go about it. But that’s just what Adam Newell and his family and friends are doing, under the banner of Nasser94, in memory of Adam’s much loved Grandad. Adam tells us more below.

Tell us about Nasser94 – what’s the story behind the name and the campaign?

My Grandad, Nasser, sadly passed this year at the age of 94, which would be fair to say was a good long life. What makes it sad is that the final years of his life were afflicted by dementia, meaning he was unaware of many key events. First Granchild getting married, first Great Grandchild being born. Even worse was the passing of his beloved wife and our Nan.

All his life he gave to serving others, whether it was in the army as he came over from Yemen to help the British Forces in the war or working long shifts so his children could have a roof over their heads. Our family decided in honour of the sacrifices he made for all of us that we’d take a period of time and coordinate/partake in a series of events for each year of his life.  #Nasser94 came to me one night and I thought it sounded catchy.

What events have you done, and what’s coming up in the future to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society?

We will have completed 31 events by December, and aim to complete the 94 by Christmas 2018. The sort of events that have happened range from sporting endeavours like triathlons and ultra marathons, to fundraising events like Football Tournaments, Golf Days and raffles. The future holds more of the same with hopefully more high profile events such as Iron Man Wales and London Marathon.

Your charity auction has some fantastic prizes donated from local businesses – please tell us about that initiative.

A dear friend of ours Lara, founder of the Snowdrop Project, organised a charity auction to raise money for her charity. After seeing how successful it was I asked for her advice. The response has been terrific and the donations have been very generous!

Tell us a little about the work that the Alzheimer’s Society do, and how your fundraising will help to support that work.

The Alzheimer’s Society does tremendous work on raising awareness, keeping it in the media and conducting research. What sets them above most is the initiatives such as the Dementia Cafe and the support work they do with those affected.

How can SheffGives followers get involved and lend their support to your campaign?

It would be amazing if they could take a look at our auction and bid on items that interest them. Click on any item they like and comment with a bid. Much like EBay, keep checking back regularly to see if they are winning. If not, bid again!

They could join our team for Sheffield Half Marathon (8th April ‘18) or join us for the 2nd Annual Nasser94 Football Tournament at Goodwin Sheffield (Aug ‘18). As ever, making a donation or a message of encouragement would give everyone a huge boost.

To find out more about Adam’s inspirational fundraising campaign, visit the Nasser94 Facebook page here, or the JustGiving page here.

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