The Pasta Project


At SheffGives we are big pasta eaters! Everybody loves pasta, right? Its quick to prepare, perfect for busy families and filling hungry tummies, especially now winter has arrived. So when we heard about a new pasta donation scheme in Sheffield, supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable residents, we spoke to one of the organisers, Anne Batty to find out more.

Tell me a little about the history of The Pasta Project – what led you to set up the scheme?

It wasn’t any great light bulb moment if I am honest – people were talking about Christmas parties, how many advent calendars they had and what they were having for Christmas lunch, and it made me remember the people that don’t have any of these celebrations.  I just thought instead of taking something out of an advent calendar each day, could we not put something back in?

The idea of pasta came from the fact that it means that everyone can help no matter what your budget is – a bag of pasta starts from as little as 30p per bag!

How is the scheme helping to support some of the city’s most vulnerable residents?

The Cathedral Archer Project provide a hot meal to around 50-60 homeless people every day. Twice a week they provide a pasta meal, on the average serving we worked out that we needed 780 bags of pasta to serve the pasta meals for a year! Hopefully we will be successful in collecting more than this and we can then provide additional bags to other charities in the area.

*Read our interview with the Archer Project here*

What does the future look like for the scheme – are you hoping to expand to support more organisations, or repeat the pasta collection in 2018, for example?

Yes it would be great to do it again next year, if we are successful!

How can SheffGives followers get involved and lend their support to your scheme?

Everyone can get involved either by donating bags of pasta, or encouraging groups or companies to get involved and donating as much as they can.  We will even collect if people can’t get to one of the drop off points (currently at Halfway and Dronfield).

Just call 01143 999 819 to find out where your nearest drop off point is or how to get involved.

And finally, we’re big pasta fans at SheffGives – what’s your favourite pasta shape; bow or twist?

Well I quite like all of them but any that end up being eaten rather than down my shirt are the best ones!!


When you do your weekend shop, please add a couple of bags of pasta to your trolley to support this great project. Thank you ❤

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