Wrap up for CAP

In December we spoke to the Cathedral Archer Project about their Christmas campaign, Lonely Night, which aimed to raise money for homeless people in the city. Homelessness isn’t just an issue at Christmas time, however, and the Archer Project work all year to support homeless people and raise funds and awareness of the issues that they face.

This month, the Archer Project are organising a dress down day with a difference, so we caught up with Tracy Viner from the project to find out more.

For those who are not familiar with the Cathedral Archer Project, please give us an overview of the amazing work that you do.

The Cathedral Archer Projects works with homeless adults from sleeping bag to employment and a fulfilling enjoyable life.  This includes hot meals, access to showers, laundry and medical support (Dr, Nurse and Dentist visit regularly).  The aim of our work is to build self-esteem and confidence whilst supporting people into accommodation, and making life style changes.  We do this through making the centre a place that is warm, safe and welcoming and offering 1 to 1 support, joining activities and offering opportunities to get involved in the project delivery through volunteering.  We work closely with other agencies to give the best support available to each individual.  As people progress, they will have a development plan and hopefully be working towards stable and long term accommodation with a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and where appropriate, employment.


Your current campaign is ‘Wrap up for CAP’, which takes place on 16th February – what’s the thinking behind this campaign, and how can people get involved?

Wrap up for CAP is an event more than a campaign.  On 16th February we want to people to take part in a dress down day with a twist – add a layer – it can be a scarf/hat/gloves or maybe an extra jumper.  We try and make all our events and campaigns link to the people we are supporting, so in February when it is cold, they need to wrap up, so we are asking everyone to wrap up with us.

If anyone wants to take part the details are at http://www.archerproject.org.uk/event46-Wrap-Up-For-CAP.php


If people are unable to donate money at this time, is there anything else that you are currently in need of at the project?

Unfortunately, we always need money, but if you want to look at our giving page it always has a list of other items we currently need.

What else is coming up in 2018 for the Archer Project? Any sneak peeks?

We have a full calendar of events for 2018.  The ones we have definite dates for are on our website at http://www.archerproject.org.uk/events.php – there will be Sleep Outs as usual but in June we have something new – a day in the project but overnight!  Look out for details coming soon.

And finally, bobble hat, beanie, trapper hat or baseball cap – what’s keeping heads warm at the Archer Project this winter?

We go for whatever is warmest – usually knitted bobble or beanies – mostly donated by the kind generosity of the people of Sheffield.


Could your workplace or school get involved in the Wrap up for CAP? To register your interest, click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wrap-up-for-cap-tickets-41750880006

We’ll be wrapping up and sharing our efforts on the SheffGives Instagram – keep your eyes peeled!

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