The UK’s first art road show banger rally!

Often, there can be so many charity campaigns running in the city, that they all blur into one. Sometimes they fail to grab the attention of Sheffielders who aren’t connected to the charity in some way, meaning that they don’t raise as much awareness, or money, as was intended.

Well, that accusation definitely cannot be thrown at Roundabout, and their Bangers and Cash campaign which recently launched in the city, in advance of September when engines will start revving for real!

26910710_2073936026196933_2309240209870908504_o.pngBilled as the ‘UK’s first art road show banger rally’, it combines local artists creating bonnet art, with car racing and a European road trip ending in Monaco. Now does that sound like anything you’ve ever heard of before? Epic adventure, or what?!

The event certainly grabbed our attention, so we spoke to Roundabout to find out more.

For those who are not familiar with Roundabout, please give us an overview of the amazing work that you do.

Roundabout is Sheffield’s local youth housing charity, providing shelter, support and life skills to young people.

We provide emergency accommodation for homeless young people at our hostel and support young people to live independently in secure bedsits and in shared housing throughout the city. Roundabout also offers young people a comprehensive programme of training and involvement which breaks the cycle of homelessness and develops long term independent living skills.

We support over 150 young people aged 16-25 in Sheffield everyday who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

We’ve heard the buzz around your Bangers and Cash event, which sounds so much fun! Tell us about the event and what you are hoping to achieve?

We celebrated our 40th birthday last year, so wanted to create a campaign which was worthy of that milestone! The idea for this unique fundraising event came from Goo Design‘s Matt Cockayne, a local Sheffield artist who has painted our fantastic promotional car for Roundabout (see below). Our other  partners in the event are Sheffield City Council and Becks & co.


Bangers and Cash is a 1219 mile rally from Sheffield to Monaco, taking in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Italy in the 4 day trip. We are looking for 40 teams of intrepid explorers to take up the challenge, driving the route in a banger worth no more than £650, featuring custom designs by local artists.

After the rally in September, the one of a kind bonnets will be auctioned off to raise money for our charity.


Chief Executive, Ben Keegan said, “We’re really excited about Bangers and Cash as its an incredible opportunity for Roundabout to raise vital funds but also to increase awareness of youth homelessness which continues to be prevalent in our city. The funds we raise through Bangers and Cash will enable us to extend our youth homeless prevention work across the Sheffield city region.”

How can SheffGives followers get involved and lend their support?

Find two similarly heroic explorers amongst your work mates and enter your corporate team in our rally! For more information, check out this link:

For the less courageous amongst us (*that’ll be us at SheffGives then) you can donate along the way, or come along to the bonnet exhibition from 1-31st August in the Winter Garden in Sheffield City Centre to see all the amazing illustrated bonnets. There will be plenty of opportunity for the people of Sheffield to get involved in the campaign and help us to raise vital funds to support our work.

Also, if you are an artist interested in submitting a design, follow this link. You could see your artwork splashed across the side of one of our bangers come summertime!

Follow the Bangers and Cash Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for further updates, and look out for the car bonnets going on display in the Winter Gardens in the summer, ahead of the rally in September.


We can’t wait for this event to get started later this year. It’s sure to be an amazing success!

SheffGives 2018

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